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Learning Support

We wish for all our students to be active learners and for them to understand that we are all learners with strengths and areas for development. We support each other’s learning processes and celebrate diversity.  

“Everyone is a learner.”

Odense International School is an inclusive school, which means we are dedicated to meeting the learning needs of all our students. Our classrooms should reflect the diversity of the world and society in which we live.  

Teachers set up their classrooms and lessons for differentiation and provide process-oriented feedback to students. We support social and emotional learning in our school through active citizenship, class discussions and whole-school projects.   

OIS is a relatively small learning community, which does mean that there are limited resources for special educational needs and language support. However, we have a speech and language therapist and a social worker at school who support our teaching teams and students.

Integrated Support

Much of our support is offered as integrated support in the classroom in the exam programme. Parents will always be contacted regarding support and must give consent in order for the programmes to begin.   

Team-Based Approach Together with Families

Students who are offered learning support at OIS will be met by a team-based approach which can involve just the teaching team, parents, and student, but if need be, we will coordinate with our specialist staff and/or Odense Municipality’s Pedagogical Psychological Counselling Services (PPR).  

The municipal school psychologist can refer us to further support services or provide the teaching team and parents with guidance. When necessary, Individual Education Plans are designed by the teaching team and supervised by the school psychologist. The school psychologist approves applications for additional funding in cases where extensive support is needed. Families with a child receiving speech therapy or communication training are also offered the opportunity to come in and learn more about or practice tools for supporting their child.   

Students receiving learning support have their plans reviewed regularly, and parents are invited in for feedback sessions.  

The student’s voice is encouraged at all levels in our school community and students who receive special educational support review progress with their teachers and take part in target-setting. 

Cambridge Assessment International Education allows for meeting a range of learning needs during exams, but this requires written approval by the school psychologist and evidence of this support in test settings over time. OIS can then apply for the relevant allowances considered necessary for the candidate to sit an exam under as fair conditions as possible.