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School Fees for the 2022–2023 School Year

Starting with the 2019–2020 school year, Odense International School has implemented an 11-month payment cycle. This means that there is no tuition due in the month of July. We accept students throughout the school year. Tuition for the entire month is charged, irrespective of when the student's first day falls during that first month.

The following is information regarding Odense International School's fees for tuition, the After-School Care Programme for grades Primary 1 through Primary 4, and The Club for grades Primary 5 and Primary 6. Additional costs throughout the school year that you should be aware of are also listed. Please note that upon withdrawal, all school fees and tuition must be settled in order to receive school transfer documents and final Progress Reports. We request a 3-month withdrawal notice.

OIS School Fees for the 2022-2023 Academic Year

Application Fee Per family 1500 DKK
Preschool Registration Fee Per student 1450 DKK one-time fee*
Tuition: Preschool 1st child 3375 DKK / month March–June*
Tuition: P1-S11 1st child 3430 DKK / month x 11 months. The first payment of the school year is in August.
Tuition: P1-S11 2nd child 3230 DKK / month x 11 months. The first payment of the school year is in August.
Tuition: P1-S11 3rd and subsequent children Free
After-School Care Programme: P1-P4 1st & 2nd child in P1–P4 Included in tuition
After-School Care Programme: P1-P4 3rd & subsequent children 1450 DKK / month x 11 months. The first payment of the school year is in August.
The After-School Club Per student in P5 1050 DKK / month x 11 months. The first payment of the school year is in August.
Books All students Included in tuition. Missing books and books not returned in pristine condition at end of the school year will result in additional charges.
Music Lessons from Odense Musikskole Students in P1–P4** Included in intuition.
Non-PBS payment Manual administration of payments 200 DKK / transaction per student
School Trips E.g. One week in London or Vannes; a school trip to the zoo, etc. Not included in tuition. Prices vary and are automatically drawn.

Additional Expenses

Other school expenses throughout the year, which are not payable to OIS but to the individual suppliers, include but are not limited to the following: 

  • School Photographs (2018 price for a basic package: 375 DKK)
  • Milk Scheme (Price example: Daily 1/4 litre skim milk for one month: 65 DKK)
  • OIS-branded Casual / Sports Wear 
  • Passport-sized Photograph (for After-School Care Programme)
  • Laptop or Tablet, compatible with Microsoft Office, in years S7-S11 (students have access to the Office package)
  • Tickets to the theatre (years S7-S11, typically around 90 DKK per showing; approximately 5 showings per year)
  • *Preschool Registration Fee and the first month of Preschool tuition are due being invited to the Screening Day, typically in October prior to the March start. The next tuition payment for Preschool will be in April. If a change occurs and your child will not be enrolled after all, you will receive a full reimbursement.
  • **Music Lessons from Odense Musikskole (from P5 and up 599 DKK / month; sibling discount)

Automatic Payment System

Fees are payable via PBS, an automatic online payment service. You can set up the payment service via your online banking. Each payment per student not made via PBS is charged an additional 200 DKK manual administrative fee. The PBS payment is drawn on the 5th of the month. Brand-new students will receive payment information close to their first day of school.

Public Transportation Subsidy

Odense International School receives a set subsidy dedicated to reimbursement of public transportation costs for our students for travelling to and from the school.  Please save these receipts to submit them to our office at the end of the school year. It is your responsibility to print these receipts and mark which costs were related to travelling to and from school. The reimbursement amount is dependent upon the amount of the subsidy and the total receipts.

For more information on ordering a public transportation card, please visit the Rejsekort website.

State Subsidy Deadline

Families on limited incomes can apply in August for an extremely modest state subsidy for school fees and the After-School Care Programme from Opholdsstøtteudvalget. The subsidy is typically a couple of hundred kroner and takes effect the following February.

School fee information updated in March 2023.