Here you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about admissions and being a student at OIS. If you have further questions, feel free to email the OIS office.

What ages and year levels of students do you have?

Our youngest students are in our preschool programme. Students who turn 5 years old by 1 September are eligible to start preschool on 1 March of the same calendar year. This student then starts primary 1 (P1) in mid-August. Our school year runs from mid-August through the end of June.

Our primary school is comprised of year levels P1–P6, and our secondary school is comprised of year levels S7–S11. 

Our oldest students, in S11, are 16 years old when they finish at OIS. 

Do I need to fill out separate applications for OIS and HHS?

Yes. As the application process for each department is quite different, a separate application must be filed for each. 

How much does tuition cost, and do you offer boarding?

OIS does not provide boarding. Generally, tuition is 3630,- per month August–June, and there is no tuition payment in July. For more information on school fees, click here. If you have three children at OIS, the third child attends tuition-free.  
School fees updated August 2023.

There is the possibility of a very limited subsidy. Applications are accepted only once per year, and the deadline is at the end of August. Any approved families will see a reduction of tuition by a couple of hundred kroner, which goes into effect in the spring term. 

What about your early-morning and after-school care programme (ASCP)/SFO?

Our days start at 8:10 in the classroom. There is no early-morning care. Our ASCP opens at 13:05, when the youngest children are finished with lessons for the day, and it closes at 16:15.

How many students are in a class?

We aim to keep the average class size at 20 students per class, although this number may increase in secondary year levels.

Do students have to wear a uniform?

No, we do not have school uniforms. There are some basic rules for the dress code, like no hoods or hats. It is possible to order shirts, sweatshirts, and shorts with the OIS logo, but school-themed clothing is not required.

How much do books cost?

Books are included in tuition. You can see a list of expenses that may be in addition to monthly school fees here.

Please note that we ask students P4–P6 to bring a mobile device, preferably a laptop, to school daily. From S7 and up, we require students to bring a laptop and a scientific calculator to mathematics daily.  

Do you have a school nurse and dentistry care at the school?

We have a nurse assigned by Odense Municipality who examines chosen year levels every year for wellbeing, hearing, vision, height, and weight. To find the dental practice that your child is assigned to, please visit Odense Municipality’s website here. If your child needs emergency dental care, call your assigned dentist who will refer you to a private dentist. Emergency dental work in a private clinic is free for children up to 18 years old. 

For acute dental emergencies on weekends and holidays, the dentist on watch is open 9:00–12:00. The phone number is 99 44 08 09 and the address is Regionstandplejen, Heden 7, 3rd floor, 5000 Odense C. 

For acute dental emergencies during the evening or at night which cannot wait to be seen until the next day, ring the Emergency Room at Odense University Hospital at 70 11 07 07. 

For acute dental emergencies during the summer holiday, ring 65 51 55 10, 9:00–12:15 for an appointment.  

If your child suddenly has a problem with their braces, ring 65 51 55 50 on weekdays 8:00–10:00. 

Do you reimburse my child’s public transportation?

If your child takes public transportation to and from school, you will have the opportunity to be partially reimbursed at the end of the school year. In June, our bookkeeper will ask for a printout of your child’s travels from rejsekort.dk. One pool of funds is then divided amongst those who have printed and turned in travel history from rejsekort.dk to the office. The reimbursements are made in early July. A family might expect to receive anywhere from 50%–70% in reimbursement.  

What can you tell me about the teaching staff?

The OIS team is comprised of over 30 professionals from 15 countries, including Denmark. The cosmopolitan team represents diverse ages, nationalities, subjects, and backgrounds. 

Our primary school teaching team are comprised of qualified teachers and support who were primarily trained in their home countries of England, Ireland, the USA, and Australia. 

Our secondary school teaching team are comprised of qualified teachers and expert professionals in their teaching subjects.  

What foreign languages do you offer?

We offer French starting in P6. S7–S11 students have the choice between French or German. In S10 and S11, French students have the option of IGCSE French or DELF 

Students at OIS have a minimum of three lessons of Danish per week. Starting with the 2021–2022 academic year, every year level offers Danish as a First Language, Danish as a Second Language, or Danish as a Foreign Language. 

In the After-Care School Programme (ASCP), there have been French and German organisations that have held weekly language cafés. 

Do you have a canteen for lunch?

We do not have a canteen. Students bring packed lunches and eat with their classmates in their classroom. 

We have a small food booth that sells buns, cheese slices, yogurt, and juice boxes daily.

We encourage a healthy packed lunch and smaller snacks for both the morning and afternoon breaks. We do not have refrigerators available.  

It is also possible to order a variety of milks from skolemælk.dk.

From S8, students may leave campus and go to a nearby grocery store to purchase their lunch. Unhealthy foods, such as soda, crisps, and cakes are not allowed.