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About Our Preschool Programme

It is a big step and an exciting time for children to make the transition from day care or being at home to starting Preschool. This milestone is not only significant for the children, but quite understandably for parents as well.

Preschool Start: First Day on 1st March

Our Preschool is a four-month programme starting 1 March. Children who turn 5 years old by 1 September are eligible to start. They start Primary 1 after the summer holiday in mid-August.

The aim of our Preschool Programme is to give children a transition period from kindergarten to Primary School. The children learn the skills they will need to be a good student, while still having plenty of opportunity for playing and being physically active throughout the day.

Class Size

At all grade levels at OIS, we aim to maintain a class size of maximum 24 students. We also value creating classes that represent a balance of girls and boys from all over the world. If your child has an older sibling at Odense International School, there is a sibling guarantee for admission, and we kindly ask that you sign up the younger sibling at your earliest convenience.

The Danish Section: Henriette Hørlücks Skole

For families who are in doubt as to whether Henriette Hørlücks Skole or Odense International School would be the best choice for their child, applications to both schools must be made and the application fees for each corresponding application must be paid. We require this due to a separate admissions processes for each school. You can find the form for Henriette Hørlücks Skole here. All of the teaching is in Danish at Henriette Hørlücks Skole, and all of the teaching at Odense International School is in English. Henriette Hørlücks Skole offers a "semi-international" English programme, and students in this programme may take the IGCSE 0500 First Language English exam. 

Please note that children start Forårs SFO at Henriette Hørlücks Skole in March of the calendar year that they turn 6 years old. Children are eligible to start the Preschool Programme in March at Odense International School if they turn 5 years old by 1stSeptember of the same year. School readiness will be assessed and the Preschool teaching team will have final say as to a child's school readiness.

Preschool Tuition

Upon acceptance, we require a deposit and the first month’s tuition fee to hold your child’s place (for the March 2021 Preschool Programme, this fee amounted to 4625 DKK and was payable in October 2020). Monthly tuition of 3150 DKK is paid from April through June. When your child starts Primary 1 in August, the monthly tuition will be 3250 DKK (fees applicable as of March 2020). At OIS, no school fees are due in the month of July. 

At the start of Preschool, you will receive a bill, or girokort, which includes account information for setting up automatic monthly payments via your online banking.

For more information regarding tuition, please see our School Fees page here.

Please note that these fees are current as of November 2021 and are subject to change. 

Visiting the School

In October, we invite the preschool children in for a school readiness evaluation. Activities may include story time, an art project, playing on the playground, and eating a packed lunch.

On the final Saturday of November preschoolers and their parents are invited to a 'meet and greet day' at the school. We will enjoy a craft project and a tour of the school.

Documentation of School Readiness

Odense International School requires that a child’s daycare institution completes an Observation of School Readiness form, which can be downloaded here. A child’s readiness is assessed in observations of: motor skills, social and emotional skills, language skills, and independence.

The form will be sent from the school to the daycare institution via Open Apply and is due before the school readiness assessment day. Ongoing assessments of children are made after the first month of Preschool.  

Applying for Preschool

This is the first step to your child’s education at Odense International School.

We recommend applying as soon as you have made the decision to choose Odense International School. In addition to contact information, we require a copy of your passport. The one-time application fee per family is 1500 DKK. In the months leading up to the Preschool start, we will ask your child's daycare provider to complete an Observation of School Readiness form. 

Click this link to submit an enquiry of interest or to apply for your child's enrollment at OIS. Once you have submitted an application, it will be under review by our Admissions Team. It is not possible to apply in person.

If you also wish to apply to Henriette Hørlücks Skole, the application form on this page at hhskole.dk must be used.

Other Practicalities for a Successful Preschool Start

Communication with your Preschool teacher is done via ParentIntra, available in both app and browser versions. On the first day of Preschool, you will receive your personal login to use. You will also receive a Getting Started guide, which is available in several languages.

We do not have school uniforms, but it is possible to order sports clothes in our school colours with the OIS logo. The smallest size offered is 116.

We play outside all year and in all weather. Please ensure you invest in good outdoor clothes and shoes for your child.

Keeping in Touch Until the Preschool Start

Please keep us updated by logging into your Open Apply profile if your mailing address, phone numbers, or email addresses should change.

You are very welcome to follow our Facebook page to follow events and activities at Odense International School. 

If you should happen to have any other questions about the Preschool Programme at Odense International School, please register your interest at Open Apply here or email Vibeke Henrdrick at vh@hhskole.dk.