Register Your Child's Withdrawal

Please notify the OIS admissions team and the head of school, Johanne, of plans for withdrawal at least three months before your exit.

Families must pay school fees for three months after notice for withdrawal is officially given. If you time this with the last three months of your child's schooling at OIS, then there are no fees additional to these three months of tuition. If you notify us two months before your exit, you will still be billed for the third month. The fee-free month of July does not count toward one of these three months.

Therefore, the last date to notify of withdrawal to avoid school fees for the upcoming school year is 31 March.

After you have notified the OIS admissions team of your plans for withdrawal, you will receive a Notice of Withdrawal form on OpenApply. This formalises the withdrawal and begins the three-month withdrawal period. Withdrawal is not official until this form is completed. This form must be completed by both parents.

If you are seeking guidance regarding transferring into the Danish school system, our office is happy to advise.